Who we are?
  • GSB Care is licensed by the state of Georgia as a Private Home Care Provider…

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Service Excellence
  • GSB Care provides services for individuals to live comfortably in an independent environment…

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GSB Care is the right choice
  • GSB Cares about compassionate home assistance care for your loved one…

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Need an In-Home Care Assistant?
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"GSB Cares about your well-being. There informational sessions are very helpful."
"Home Assistance care is definitely a service that is truly needed when you can’t care for yourself."
"We enjoy the lunch hour sessions with the experts from GSB Care."
"A Companion Sitter is a wonderful resource for your home when you need someone to prepare a meal and clean when you can’t do it yourself."
"The on-staff Registered Nurse at GSB Care is very knowledgeable and shares pertinent total wellness information."
What Senior Residents of Walton Reserve --Austell say about GSB Care


Why GSB Cares for you and your family…

  • Did you know that 90% of baby boomers say they want to age at home?
  • Did you know that In-home personal assistance care is approximately 1/4th the cost of an assisted living facility?
  • Did you know that slightly over 1/3 of disabled elders with long term care needs use formal home care?
  • Did you know that the use of paid home care has been increasing? In 1982, only 25% of elders with long-term care needs used any formal home care. By 1992, over 35% used paid care.
  • Did you know that 10,000 people will turn 65 every day for the next 20 years in the U.S.?
  • Do you live alone?
  • Do you need relief as a family caregiver?
  • Are you an out-patient that needs help recovering from a medical procedure?
  • Do you need a companion sitter that will provide special companionship?
  • Are you or your loved one in need of nutritional and balanced meals each day?

GSB Cares for your loved one by providing excellent services that help you live comfortably in an independent environment. Some of the services include:

  • Monitoring diet and eating habits
  • Transportation
  • Sorting and assisting in reading mail
  • Answering the door
  • Clipping coupons
  • Shopping for gifts
  • Writing letters
  • Checking food freshness
  • Grocery shopping
  • Reading aloud
  • Review of the day’s activities
  • Maintaining a calendar
  • Taking walks together
  • Discussing current events
  • Reminiscing about the past
  • Renting and watching movies
  • Rendering compassionate home assistance care to your loved one
  • Helping maintain your loved one’s optimum independence
  • Making your life easier and more enjoyable
  • Allowing you to live your life with more comfort and pleasure
  • Giving you peace of mine in caring for a family member
  • Providing your family with home assistance because of your limited time and busy schedule
  • Assisting you with demands of caring for multiple family members

Contact us by: Email: info@gsbcare.com Telephone:(770) 383-1280 Or: Contact Us